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ECLAT Celebrates Health Information Professionals Week

Posted By Karthik Polsani
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To all our Fellow HIPs,

Between March 24th and 30th, we are celebrating HIP Week, honoring our amazing HIP staff at ECLAT Health Solutions. Part of what makes ECLAT Health Solutions such a thriving medical coding company is our devoted health Information staff, who use their incredible talent and skill each day to serve the medical and healthcare community in profound ways. We would like to take advantage of this occasion to thank our incredible team of experts who dedicate extra time out of their busy schedules to share their knowledge with HIM community members on a quarterly basis via ECLAT’s Experience The Brilliance webinar series. Your tenacity and enthusiastic pride in spreading insight as thought leaders are truly inspirational! We would also like to acknowledge our dedicated ECLAT Account Managers - your hard work and untiring effort to keep our clients happy every single day is what keeps our service shining brightly amidst our competition.

Below are some of the ways that Health Information Management (HIM) affects the performance of both the clinical and business sectors of the healthcare field.

Health information management provides a myriad of services to the clinical administration of healthcare organizations, including:

  • Ensuring positive patient care and health results through collecting, maintaining, and analyzing important EHR data.
  • Developing a uniform set of clinical documentation tools that sustain accurate information and data collection from the documentation that is used for trending patient care, as well as building and supporting quality care standards.
  • Eliminating redundancies within the MPI, keeping individual patients from being unnecessarily harmed through unrequired treatments or testing, which can also reduce their cost of services.
  • Creating detailed coded data, which provides an in-depth understanding of patient symptoms and conditions, quality of care, pharmaceutical and clinical research, and health management and monitoring.

HIM practitioners are also integral in the continuance of healthcare organizations by affirming the strength of their business performance through:

  • Influencing sources of clinical, administrative, and financial data that are necessary for the organizational implementation of effective strategies.
  • Managing the organization’s revenue cycle, securing that it remains operational in the future.
  • Supervising population health by handling the clinical and financial risk of determined groups.
  • Retaining knowledge of state and federal regulations, as well as accreditation standards concerning health information, helps ensure the accreditation of their healthcare organization.


I am very proud to say that ECLAT Health Solutions is proud #HIMAdvocate. We celebrate the HIP week with our incredible staff knowing that without their support, our operation as a leading medical coding company would cease. Recognizing this truth we are confident in our mission to continue to provide the best possible health information management services to the numerous healthcare organizations and institutions that we proudly serve. Enjoy your HIP week!



Karthik Polsani


Chief Executive Officer

ECLAT Health Solutions


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