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ECLAT’s Webinar Roundups of 2019

Posted By Giovanna Stahl
offshore medical coding webinar series

2019 has been a very insightful and eventful year full of learning. Throughout the year, we posted several webinars that discussed topics such as Respiratory Failure, Sepsis, and Malnutrition. These webinars took a look into the signs and symptoms of the different health illnesses as well as how efficient medical coding and administrative services aids communication between medical coders and physicians. ECLAT Health Solutions is dedicated to assisting healthcare facilities with detail-oriented services, like clinical documentation improvement, and offshore medical coding services, that help them maintain a healthy revenue cycle. Here is a brief overview of each of the webinars that our team has hosted this year, along with links to the webinar replay and handouts.  

Sepsis: A Realistic Approach

Back in March 2019, we discussed the highly-requested topic of Sepsis. Our very own ECLAT expert, Marie Thomas walked through the most important distinctions between the evolving definitions for sepsis as well as the best practices for identifying, coding, and querying for sepsis accurately. 


View our webinar replay and download the handouts for SEPSIS: A REALISTIC APPROACH.

Sepsis: A Clinical Overview

Our following sepsis webinar delved into the importance of efficient communication when transferring all patient documentation and treatments between healthcare physicians and medical coders.  Not only does accurate and efficient medical coding maintain a healthy revenue, but it also keeps healthcare physicians up-to-date on modified definitions and changes. As sepsis is a life-threatening condition, it is vital that all coding is complete, and accurate in order to increase the likelihood of the identification of septic symptoms. 


Check out the SEPSIS: A CLINICAL OVERVIEW link to view the webinar replay and download handouts.

Addressing Respiratory Failure - Coding and Denials Management

On September 25th, our Coding and Denials Management webinar discussed some of the guidelines that medical coders must follow when discerning each patient’s diagnosis, as well as addressed characteristics of respiratory distress and failure. According to Robert S. Gold, Co-founder of the CDI-focused consulting firm, DCBA, Inc., respiratory failure is when the lungs cannot meet the need to supply oxygen and remove carbon dioxide, leading to the development of a variety of symptoms. Since the changes in the symptoms of respiratory failure are vital, it is essential that it must be accurately conveyed through highly detailed medical documentation. With our excellent medical coding quality assurance support, coders will be able to verify the code of their diagnoses and ensure that their institution bills reimburse patients in a timely manner, as well as provide clear and open communication between healthcare support services and the clinical staff. 



Introduction to Interventional Radiology (Part 1)

In December, Marie Thomas, Evelyn Santos, and Kara Carlisle got together to discuss what radiology is and helped audience members obtain a general understanding of it. They also invited audience members to participate in an open discussion. To see a couple of questions that were asked, check out our latest blog on our most recent webinar. Several of the key aspects that were discussed included the anatomy of the Vascular Systems with a focus on arterials and venous coding for Interventional Radiology, clinical documentation must-haves, as well as commonly used terms in IVR. 


Take a look at our webinar replay and handouts for INTRODUCTION TO INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY (PART 1).

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