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Enhancing Revenue with Offshore or Domestic Coding

Posted By Giovanna Stahl
offshore medical coding

Understanding the medical coding delivery model that works best for your organization is key to optimizing your revenue. There are two main types of medical coding delivery models—domestic and offshore—both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. That is why ECLAT Health Solutions is one of the few medical coding companies offering equally exceptional domestic and offshore services for medical organizations nationwide.

To name a few, here are five advantages of using either of the two main medical coding delivery models or both:

1. Increased Accuracy

Being able to utilize coders from both the United States and overseas countries can help ensure that the medical documentation is correct to maintain a healthy revenue and compliance. ECLAT Health Solutions guarantees a 95% or higher accuracy, so you won’t have to worry about coding on your own which will allow you to prioritize other functions of your health facility that are just as important.

2. Secure

Healthcare providers have a right to be hesitant to reach out and hire an offshore medical coding company due to the potential security risk. However, what many of them don’t know is that using offshore medical coders in addition to domestic medical coders does not compromise security at all. International coding companies understand that compromising client security can inflict damage on their own business, so offshore medical coding companies like ECLAT Health Solutions take the necessary extra steps and precautions to ensure coding procedures are solid and secure.

3. Lower Costs

Using overseas medical coders may seem like a costly venture, but in reality, it is very cost-efficient. It is much cheaper to hire the many experienced offshore coders than the fewer domestic ones who may also be quite new to the industry. As a result, using experienced offshore and domestic medical coding services can save you a great deal of money in the long run.

4. Highly Qualified

You may be worried about overseas medical coders who are underqualified, but offshore medical coding services actually provide an abundance of experienced coders who are just as qualified with the same certifications as domestic coders. Since it is more cost-friendly to go the offshore route, you will end up with a much larger number of coders to get your medical coding tasks completed with accuracy.

5. Time-Efficient

Providers may worry that using offshore coding will take longer, but the timeliness of medical coding goes hand-in-hand, especially with highly qualified and experienced coders that ECLAT Health Solutions provides. Using both offshore and domestic medical coders for your facility will streamline the medical coding process preventing any errors, which allows the general facility to run smoothly and efficiently.

Professional Domestic and Offshore Medical Coding

At ECLAT Health Solutions, we ensure our offshore medical coding is the safest and cost-efficient service that we can provide as we understand security and a healthy revenue is of the utmost importance. Whether you utilize our quality offshore or domestic coding services, either will help you reach your goals and will allow you to run your healthcare organization as smoothly as possible, so contact us directly at (703) 665-4499 to get more information on our medical coding services!

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