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FY 2022 Code Updates & Determining the PDx: Join Our Upcoming Webinar

Posted By ECLAT Health Solutions


Watch the Replay Here


As we prepare to leave 2021 behind, ECLAT’s team is preparing to host the most crucial Experience The Brilliance webinar of the year. Join us next month on Wednesday, December 8th to hear how October 1st and pending January 1st ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases 10) coding guidelines affect us and how you can apply reimbursement optimizations when determining the principal diagnosis.

Maintaining Compliance and a Steady Reimbursement Cycle

Adapting your practices quickly to maintain regulatory compliance as coding guidelines shift will be the key to intercepting quality risks and costly repercussions before they affect your revenue cycle. The vital importance of this component to your financial stability cannot be overstated. Reimbursements and workflows simply won’t be able to maintain status-quo practices and continue to operate smoothly, capture optimal revenue, or contain costs. It’s perhaps no wonder that this subject elicited such a large surge of attendee topic submission requests.


Experience The Brilliance’s incredible team of subject matter experts including Marie Thomas, MHA, RHIT, CCS, CCDS, CPC-H; Kara Carlisle, RHIA; and Evelyn Santos, CCS, will be sharing the fruits of their research, experience and insights into these ICD-10 changes. Distill just what they mean for you and how you can hit the ground running as the year ends.

ICD-10 Changes regarding COVID

Our team will also delve into related subtopics of equal importance. Coding for COVID is still in its infancy and the procedures are continually changing. In this webinar, we will explore these changes including how to code for post-COVID conditions and when to draw the distinction between COVID infection symptoms and a longer-term complication.

Help your team adapt to 2022’s CPT code changes, code additions and deleted ICD-10 codes for 2022, and prepare for the forecasted updates to ICD-11. The current 10th revision of the International Classification of Diseases’ coding system took 23 years to implement across the nation, and ICD-11 incorporates four times its predecessor’s code volume. Pushing forward and adapting to these developments today is an important step towards securing your department’s long-term revenue stability and future financial success.

ECLAT’s experts will also clarify another key component of highly accurate coding: establishing and coding the Principal Diagnosis (PDx) behind a patient’s visit/admission. This process is often more complicated than it can appear at first glance, and in some situations, more than one diagnosis may seem applicable. The ECLAT team will break down the best practices required to clearly define and select the PDx code for a more accurate record of the patient’s encounter to yield more optimal revenue capture. 

ECLAT’s Experience The Brilliance Webinars make this information both accessible and applicable to you and your team through case studies, examples, audience polls, and LIVE Q&A. Come prepared with your questions and concerns about these updates and practices, and our team will see that you get your answer.

Why You Should Join the LIVE Webinar

ECLAT proudly drives better financial outcomes for your peers throughout the healthcare sector with end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management and Medical Coding Partnerships. Our team has taken the breadth of their experience to distill actionable insights that can drive real improvements for you and your team.

Additionally, attendees can:

  • Secure Steady Reimbursements - Secure your revenue cycle against the delays and denials that coding updates can bring and create a more stable financial future from the foundations.
  • No-Cost Education - Be ready to adapt to these latest ICD-10 changes and optimize your coding workflows with best practices.
  • Engage in a LIVE Q&A with Experts - Come with questions and get them answered LIVE. Any questions that need more research or cannot be answered within the webinar’s allotted time will be answered in the webinar roundup blog.
  • Obtain AHIMA credits - All LIVE attendees are eligible to earn 1.00 CEU AHIMA credit. Though a webinar replay will be available to all those who register, CEU credits will be inapplicable once the webinar is available to view on-demand.

Join ECLAT’s AHIMA-Approved Webinar

FY 2022 Coding Updates and Determining the Principal Diagnosis

Wednesday, December 8th, 1:30 pm EST/12:30 pm CST

Watch the Replay Here


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