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How to Reduce Appointment Scheduling Conflicts & No Shows

Posted By Giovanna Stahl
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Consistent patient appointments are essential to a healthcare facility or provider. They are the central point of contact between patients and their physicians. However, setting a particular date and time to meet with a patient can be challenging, with the potential for various issues on both ends, whether it is a problem with scheduling or simply miscommunication and forgetfulness. Primarily, these problems can keep patients from getting the care they need, but it also affects the healthcare provider, who subsists on the flow of revenue from their appointments being filled.

ECLAT Health Solutions is dedicated to helping medical facilities focus on the most important aspect of their field: the patients. We ensure this through our revenue cycle management (RCM) services and dependable medical billing solutions, all handled by our experienced billing experts. They will not only form a personalized billing system that fits all of your facility’s needs but also thoroughly inspect each issue that arises and rectify all possible errors made in the process. Below, we discuss how to decrease the number of no-show appointments and others missed due to troubled scheduling:

Familiarize Yourself with Patients

One of the most profound ways to ensure your patients remember their next visit is by creating a strong connection with each of them. This can be done by sending birthday and holiday cards, timely newsletters with office updates and tips, and access to important information. In any case, when you show how important they are and how engaged you want to be in their daily lives, you’ll enjoy patients that promptly arrive on time for their appointments.

Perform Follow-ups

First, be sure to find out what forms of contacts that your patients prefer, such as email, cellphone, or home phone. Keep their contact information on record and call or email them after every appointment, whether they came or not. In both cases, make sure you remind them of the appointment they had that day and ask if they’d like to make another. If the patient already has a following appointment, your message can simply be a reminder for them, decreasing the likelihood that they miss their appointment.

Enable Pre-Pay for Appointments

Among the strongest incentives against certain behaviors is the possibility of losing money for doing them. Therefore, you may be able to increase your patients’ attendance rate if you offered them the ability to pay for their appointment ahead of time. You can further incentivize this by including a small discount for those that prepay.

Effective Medical Billing Solutions from ECLAT Health Solutions

These are among the numerous ways in which you can ensure fewer scheduling issues and absent appointments. Such strategies will maintain a consistent revenue cycle within your healthcare organization. At ECLAT Health Solutions, we understand how important that is in sustaining your organization for the long term. That is why we provide our service in persistent medical billing solutions in all aspects of revenue cycle management(RCM), including Provider Enrollment and Credentialing, Insurance Verification, Payment Posting, Accounts Receivables, Denial Management, and many more. Our highly experienced staff are both trained and certified in medical coding and billing and set themselves apart by performing thorough and efficient investigation on any problematic claim, working until the issue is identified and promptly fixed.

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