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Medicare Advantage enrollment has doubled over the past decade1 and is projected to  increase by 51 percent by 2030.

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Revenue cycle and Coding leadership at any sponsoring Medicare Advantage (MA) organization are responsible for maintaining high...

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As the pandemic rages, healthcare organizations are confronted with arrested cash flow and diminished revenues. Critical income...

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Hello! I hope everyone is having a safe Holiday Season! 

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The COVID-19 crisis has made us all aware of several things that deserved so much more appreciation than they usually get - one...

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You hear it everywhere "Telehealth is here to stay". But as a healthcare information management professional, how does this...

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Coders can all agree that when we receive a denial from a payer, we roll our eyes and cringe a bit.

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A means of communicating to your medical provider without driving to the clinic for a face-to-face evaluation is accomplished...

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