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Medical coding has always been a fast-paced ever-changing environment. That statement has never been truer with what we have...

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Tags: CDI, clinical validation, Coding,

Concurrent coding is considered an effective process for coders to use by ascribing ICD-10-CM codes through the duration of a...

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Tags: CDI, Working DRG, Concurrent Coding

To determine and identify whether patients are at-risk of malnutrition, healthcare physicians and medical coders must have an...

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Tags: CDI, International Coding, Medical Coding,

Health organizations around the world understand that keeping complex data organized is essential to providing a positive...

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Tags: CDI

As revenue cycle management, medical coding, and clinical documentation improvement professionals, the topic of acute and...

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Tags: CDI, Coding, Medical Coding,

Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) is becoming increasingly valuable in today’s healthcare world. CDI’s relevance is...

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Tags: CDI, Revenue Cycle Management