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Posted By Giovanna Stahl On December 20, 2019

ICD-10 2019 Changes - Lessons Learned

Year after year, medical codes change due to advancing technology and the modernization of medical processes and procedures so...

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Spring has finally arrived across most of the country. The landscape is taking on the colors of blooming flowers and trees. This...

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As coders, we all face challenges when it comes to assigning codes that best describe anemia being treated.   Many times, anemia...

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Posted By Marie Thomas On February 23, 2017

Selecting the BEST Principal Diagnosis

Early on in our lives, our parents laid out choices surrounded by guidelines that they hoped would lead us to being able to make...

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Posted By Marie Thomas On December 27, 2016


Embracing new coding concepts and guideline changes can sometimes overshadow established policies that we use daily, prompting a...

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