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The Difference Between Keeping Your Medical Coding & Billing System In-House and Outsourcing

Posted By Giovanna Stahl
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Maintaining a healthy revenue cycle management process and medical coding and billing management system is no easy task to take on your own. Depending on healthcare providers and organization's budgeting needs, they can choose to train their in-house staff to medically code or outsource instead. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, but with a little bit of research, you will be able to decide on which one is best for your company.

With a professional medical coding and billing company like ECLAT Health Solutions, you will be able to receive quality medical coding and billing assistance to make your company’s healthcare experience inevitably better for patients. Since your healthcare company relies on efficient and experienced medical coders, we have provided more details below to help you understand whether in-house medical coding or outsourcing is better for your company.

In-House Medical Coders

Using an in-house medical coder also means your company will be responsible for training internal employees to code within your health organization in addition to their initial workload. In-house medical coders can ensure quality control and easy accessibility. Whenever an error needs to be corrected, you will be able to have immediate communication with in-house medical coders to fix any issues. Training your employees for medical coding also means that you will benefit by receiving a return on your investment. While some medical coding companies believe coding domestically is the best route, in-house coders can generally end up being more costly, which includes purchasing medical coding and billing technology and the time spent on training staff to code as well. If any errors were to occur, in-house medical coders and healthcare providers are held liable for it. In addition to that, having only several in-house coders could lead to further coding support issues when someone goes away for vacation, gets sick, or resigns.

Outsourcing Your Medical Coding

In a case when an in-house medical coder resigns or a company starts a new business, outsourcing can benefit healthcare providers because they are often less expensive and save healthcare professionals more time. Professional medical billing companies also provide transparency in regards to presenting intricate performance reports to healthcare providers to show what can be improved with their medical coding and billing processes. An experienced medical billing company is consistent since its main focus is solely on coding and billing.

When it comes to denials management, a denial does not fall entirely on medical coding and billing. This may include diagnosis and procedure coding, missing details in records, clinical validation, discharge disposition codes, and many other factors. Approximately 90% of denials can be prevented by making sure that medical coders are up to date on the current coding updates and that documentation is completed and recorded accurately. With the support of an experienced medical billing and coding company, those denials will be reduced significantly. ECLAT offers exceptional denials management services that go above and beyond to pinpoint the cause of denial or claim. Our services consist of a thorough evaluation of any denials and partial payments received. ECLAT’s Accounts Receivable (EAR) team is responsible for following up with the payers, patients, providers, facilities, and other parties involved with the improperly processed claims. While they keep track of the payment and denial trends on every account and secondary follow-ups, ECLAT’s Appeals Team (EAT) will appeal the denials as soon as the correspondence has been received from payers. Our team takes pride in serving our customers with the most proactive medical coding and billing support possible.

Choose ECLAT Health Solutions To Provide Accurate, Efficient Medical Coding & Billing Services

Whether you are considering training your staff to be your in-house medical coders or you are looking to outsource instead, ECLAT Health Solutions provides quality hospital billing and coding solutions to healthcare providers in Northern Virginia that can help you choose what would be best for your organization. Our medical coders understand it isn’t an easy decision but you can trust us because we have years of medical coding experience and training to provide you with the services you need to enhance your company. Our services will further help your company run more efficiently and effectively. Contact us and speak with an ECLAT professional medical coder today!  

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