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We Are Beyond Thankful: ECLAT Is Proud To Celebrate HIP Week 2020

Posted By Giovanna Stahl
Revenue Cycle Management

The COVID-19 crisis has made us all aware of several things that deserved so much more appreciation than they usually get - one of the most important among them being our own Health Information Management industry. 

As AHIMA CEO Wylecia Wiggs Harris, Ph.D., CAE, rightly puts it, “The pandemic has shone a light on their (health information professionals’) contributions”.

So before proceeding any further, we would like to take a moment and express our immense gratitude and gratefulness to the amazing HIP staff at ECLAT and the thousands of health information professionals across the globe. We are beyond thankful for your incredible work and super proud of the impact you create that brings clients and patients the healthcare quality they deserve. We celebrate you!

Celebrating HIP Week 2020 as an
AHIMA-Recognized HIP Champion

Even though we couldn’t physically meet with our amazing healthcare peers across the country this year, we never had more reasons to celebrate the event. 

Firstly, AHIMA has recognized ECLAT as a champion for the health information profession and our contributions to patient care quality - what a piece of exciting news! It is an honor to be a recognized advocate for the incredible and invaluable healthcare allies. We take pride in the work our team carries forth day in and day out.

Secondly, the critical work put forth by HIPs is being recognized by the world like never before.  The pandemic has clearly demonstrated the importance of every HIP - right from Chief Revenue  Officers to medical records clerks, health information clerks, and coders. AHIMA has showcased the inspiring stories of these professionals and how they drive meaningful innovation on the HIP Week website. 

The timing of HIP Week has made the event even more special. Harris saysAHIMA20 is the place for health information professionals to access the education and resources they need while engaging with their peers….Celebrating HIP Week at AHIMA20 is a natural fit.”

Placing consumers at the center of their care has been a key focus at HIP Week 2020. We take this opportunity to urge you to sign the HIP week pledge and support consumer engagement and patients’ rights.

Revenue Cycle Management in the New Normal: How we are Helping HIPs

What is the key to revenue cycle management success in the new normal? How to adapt to coding a new disease process that medically still has many unknowns? How to embrace new telehealth regulations appropriately and quickly enough to stay afloat?

These are some of the questions we’ve been getting from clients and HIPs from the onset of the pandemic. With our extensive experience in medical coding and medical billing and telehealth revenue cycle management, we’re helping clients tide through the challenges in the new normal. 

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