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ECLAT Health Solutions AAPC AHIMAcredentialed coder

Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) Coding 

Our team consists of experienced, credentialed AAPC and AHIMA certified coders ready to perform HCC Coding Services.  Adhere to the latest coding guidelines, and beyond with SDoH data trend management and ECLAT's 3-Tier Quality Assurance reviews.

HCC Coding and Risk-Adjustment Audits

Risk-Adjustment Audits

Chart Reviews and Audits of medical records to detect HCC and medicare risk adjustment coding inaccuracies or missing diagnoses affecting "Risk-Adjustment Factor" (RAF) score.

Examples may include:
  • Health record does not have a legible signature with credentials or not authenticated and electronically signed.

  • Highest degree of specificity was not assigned to diagnosis.

  • A discrepancy exists between billed diagnosis and actual description of the condition noted in documentation.

  • Documentation does not indicate a condition as being Monitored, Evaluated, Assessed, or Treated (MEAT).

  • Chronic conditions and status codes are not documented on an annual basis.

Adaptable Staffing Capability

Adaptable Staffing Capability

As a HCC coding company, we provide Flexible staffing scalability up to full-outsource capacity. Our coders receive ongoing continued education and training to stay ready for volume fluctuations.

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