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Secure Your Revenue Cycle's Future by Addressing SDoH Today

Medicaid MCOs are seeking ways to close SDoH coding and documentation gaps 

Optimize the Financial Health of Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) With Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) Data

Capturing social determinants of health promotes health equity for all. MCOs are called to support healthy value-based revenue streams that reduce preventable costs. Accurately addressing SDoH information sooner than later requires a team specialized in ICD-10-CM coding.


  • SDoH Loss Indicators:
  • ✓ Missed appointments
  • ✓ High readmission rates
  • ✓ Lengthy patient stays


SDoH were associated with

44% of U.S healthcare organizations don't collect SDoH data

Only 24% of U.S hospitals screen for SDoH

73% of organizations report not having a governance committee that oversees the collection and use of SDOH data2

Patient no-shows cost the U.S. healthcare industry

Patient no-shows cost the U.S. healthcare industry $150 billion annually3

Healthcare providers and payers are

“Healthcare providers and payers are directing significant attention towards SDoH to improve healthcare quality and to reduce costs4

Partner with a Medical Coding and Auditing Company with Global Impact.

For over a decade, ECLAT Health Solutions has partnered with some of the most prestigious healthcare organizations in the nation. Our team of trained revenue cycle professionals is ready to assess the qualitative data to seek opportunities for improvement with value-based programs.

  • Flexible staffing up to full-outsource capability
  • 3-Tier Quality Assurance Process
  • Global and Domestic approach

Seek a third-party audit to assess the status of your documentation and/or coding challenges today.


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